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Drupal And the Disappearing Images Mystery

After working many years with a specific framework, you sometimes face difficulties that in other situations, specifically while learning a new language or framework would not even challenge you. One example for such a case is one I’ve encountered this past week, and to tackle it, all I’ve needed to do is to actually read the Drupal docs and not just flip through it. One of my clients came to me and told me that all of the images he’s uploading to his site are deleted from the files directory of his Drupal project after several hours. After checking that the images are created successfully in the Drupal’s temp directory and are then moved to the files directory as they should, I begun checking for any file/image related modules and any Drupal configurations that could hint a relation to the problem.

mean.io + Drupal - Meaningful Untheming

Maybe it's just me.. But I see more and more DG's (Drupal Geezers) find themselves introspecting and thinking about the technology they have invested their past 7-8 years in.

The web is exploding with tons of amazing javascript mvc platforms, crazy socket madness and stunning widgetry all running client-side (in the browser) with amazing sub-second speeds.

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Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle is a Taxi and shuttle service that operates on airports around the globe, focused on per city fleet management.
In order to deliver a rapid and effective service to their clients, they wanted to have a holistic overview of their fleet without the need of investing inexpensive hardware.
Most of the drivers already own a smartphone that can be used as a mobile...

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