"The open source conundrum” – it sounds too good to be true, and with most developers it is. Not with Linnovate. Linnovate are true Drupal virtuosos and working with them transformed this project. Quickly stepping into a project in trouble, after what was nearly a “bus terminated” development...

Uri Baruchin, Strategist
Under.me - Home page


Under.me is probably THE sexiest Drupal website around, both for it's amazing front-end technology and UI, as well as for it's so-good-looking models: David Balsar and Bar Refaeli, the world famous top-model.
Under.me is the online store for their new brand of underwear, designed and demonstrated by Bar Refaeli.

Matmon - אוצר היום - ישראל היום

Matmon (treasure) is a mini-site for Israel Hayom, 2nd widest distributed newspaper in Israel. The website was built for a treasure hunt game, to be held during April 2012 in the deserts of Israel.
The website was built with mobile adaptation in mind, since the participants of the game need to travel around the desert, and collect clues which help them solve a riddle (and find the treasure).

The mobile version of the website was easily made thanks to the wonderful sasson.theme, which has built-in responsive design settings.


Skoda is an international car producer, based in the Czech Republic, and is part of the giant Volkswagen group.

While all of the local websites of Skoda run on proprietary systems, the Israeli branch website is the only one (so far) to run on Drupal, thanks to it's built-in multilingual, multi-directional abilities, and it's limit-less design capabilities.


Kaltura is a world leading video solution provider, with cutting edge technology, based on open source tools.

With over 150,000 users, including leading web publishers, media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers, Kaltura needed a strong web identity, to present it's services, and supply all the relevant information to their wide variety of users.


My Strauss idea

Strauss is a one of the biggest players in the food industry in Israel (you might know it by the brand Sabra Salads in the US and Europe).
In it’s move towards stronger digital media presence and customer engagement, the Strauss team decided to crowd source ideas for their salads, dairy, coffee and other divisions.
The idea was to create a platform for users to share ideas, comment and vote upon them, engaging with the Strauss brand.


Ormat is a leading provider of alternative and renewable energy solutions; to date, Ormat has installed over 750 power units worldwide. Oramt also owns and operates 515 MW of geothermal and recovered energy based power plants. Ormat is a dual company being trades in the US stock exchange and in Tel Aviv (part of the TA25 index).
Their corporate website is an excellent example of Drupal at it's best for enterprise identity, with rich, yet simple content management, and an expression of every important aspect of it's internal units.


Recent Blog Posts

mean.io + Drupal - Meaningful Untheming

Maybe it's just me.. But I see more and more DG's (Drupal Geezers) find themselves introspecting and thinking about the technology they have invested their past 7-8 years in.

The web is exploding with tons of amazing javascript mvc platforms, crazy socket madness and stunning widgetry all running client-side (in the browser) with amazing sub-second speeds.

The /drupalgive initiative is gaining momentum

Drupalgive is a new and effective way of showing your love and contributions to [Drupal](http://www.linnovate.net/services#service-417). It is an initiative by the one and only [Moshe Weitzman](http://drupal.org/user/23), which defines a special page on your website, where you can gather in one place all of your contributions to Drupal: modules, themes, events you've sponsored, presentations you've made... everything which is contributing to the development of the Drupal project, in it's whole.

From the Portfolio



סנטריגו היא חברה ישראלית-אמריקאית שמטרתה להגן על מידע בבסיסי נתונים. האתר הינו אתר תדמית ומידע אודות מוצרי החברה.

האתר מתבסס הרבה על המודול הישן והטוב book, להקלה על מפעילי האתר ליצור הירארכית מידע פשוטה. בנוסף מותקן בו המודול Menu Class, ליצירת ענן התגיות בתחתית העמוד הראשי. למעשה, אין אלו תגיות, אלא קישורים מתוך תפריט. ע"י שימוש בתפריט, אנחנו מאפשרים הזנת קישורים מדוייקים, וסידור שלהם...

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Under.me by Bar Refaeli and David Balsar
ישראל היום
Skoda | סקודה