Is Registration pace to Szeged Drupalcon lower than before?


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Is Registration pace to Szeged Drupalcon lower than before?
submitted by: Zohar Stolar


I had a weird feeling that the registration to Szeged Drupalcon is lower than before.
At the time of writing these lines, we're about 7 weeks away from the conference, and with high expectations, left by the successful Drupalcon in Boston (864 registered and paid attendees), the number of registered attendees to Szeged, is 352.

Having set the high threshold of +1000 attendees, this number seems a bit low.

I wanted to see where registration to Boston was, about the same time before the conference. It appears that actually the registration pace to Szeged is much higher than to both Drupalcons before!

At the end of January 2008, just a month before Boston Drupalcon, Jeff Whatcott announced that ~225 registered to Boston. This puts the registration to Szeged in an even better place, with higher registration, longer before Drupalcon.

But let us not count on statistics. Drupalcon should be marketed more than it is now. You can place some banners in your websites, blog about it, and convince others that Drupalcon is good for them. Propose interesting sessions, and experience the cool registration process.

If the Drupalcon in Szeged will be as good as it's wonderful website, then it will, without doubt, be an amazing event to attend in.


I think that there are way too many factors to draw any conclusions at this point. Szeged's staged pricing is certainly one factor in the timing of registrations, and Boston was a rather last minute event, so it isn't easy to compare them.

I agree that we should all do what we can to get the word out, as there is certainly enough interest to pack Szeged to the gills (attempted logo humor, sorry).

I'm not surprised at the lower sign-up rate. I think I saw somewhere that the majority of Drupal developers are Americans, and our lower dollar value makes traveling difficult. Personally, I'd love to go to Hungary, but there's no way I can really justify the cost, especially since I already spent money on going to Boston.

The Drupal Association probably needs to take the lead and start planning conferences much further ahead of time so developers can allocate their resources accordingly.

Szeged probably is a bad choice. Second largest developer community is in Asia and probably they would have got this full had they organized this in Asia.

Szeged is as good a choice as any other. For those who will come only to Drupalcons in their own cities, there are local Drupal groups.

Traditionally, Drupalcons are held in Europe and North America, but both Dries and the Drupal association announced that a Drupalcon elsewhere on the globe is welcome.

You just have to propose it.

It'd be both sad and unhealthy for the community, if Drupalcons gather only local developers. Imagine a Drupalcon in eastern Asia, with only Indian developers. What's the point for that?

Nice Chart!

I didn't notice this chart which shows clearly, and more scientifically, how registration to Szeged seem to be faster so far.

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