Tuck or No Tuck? Blankets (like source and thought) must be free!


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Tuck or No Tuck? Blankets (like source and thought) must be free!
submitted by: lior

In one of the most epic chapters of Sienfeld - George and Jerry are confronted with the Dillema "Tuck or No Tuck"? A brave group has decided that this Dillema must be resolved and that blankets (like people, data and source) should be free!

They started the liberation front and have founded - "Free The Blankets!" a site with one clear agenda and goal - Untucked blankets by 2020. Aren't you sick and tired of entering your hotel room and fighting with the tightly tucked blankets messing up everything in the process?!

Like George, We are free spirits, and can't be confined to the atrocities of maids stretching blankets to confining walls. Now note it is not the maids fault - IT IS POLICY! and because of this it will be resolved by the policy creators - the managers and boards of Hotels and Hostels. Joining this effort they will create a social movement that will free the blankets and will let us wake up at a fine morning in 2020 (or sooner!) stretch are legs and sigh...
FREEDOM, it is possible. And the perfect platform to power freedom fighters at large is of course drupal running the geo features, the petition module, the profile management and much more. Sign the petition now - http://freetheblankets.com/free-blankets-petition/signatures Become a fan now - http://www.facebook.com/pages/FreeTheBlankets/401087832518?v=wall



This should not be under the drupal planet...

First - It's aprils fools today (although this is no joke :) )
Second - I thought that the Drupal community could appreciate this - an amusing site delivered in Drupal.
I will remove it if somebody "official" from d.o requests so.

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