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Moodle - learning management system
Moodle is a learning management system allowing us to creating an Internet school (with Web-based courses), universities and colleges worldwide, using Moodle to train students; therefore, companies around the world use this system to train employees in a variety of areas.
By itself, the system has many built-in options, such as:
  • Building and transfer of material:
  • Building of a course – storing all course materials inside the system (videos, articles, links to learning sources, pictures).
  • Online tutoring - Webinar – Broadcasting live online lessons with possibility to respond and ask questions.
  • Access to materials in any place and at any time (only for course participants).
  • Permanent contact between students and course director through the system.
  • Activities conditioning according to student's performance, so that each student can progress at his own pace and level.
  • Student exercises:
  • Building exercises according to existing modules adjusted to individual and group learning.
  • Options of joint exercise in groups.
  • Communication with a group of students together and separately, as part of Forums & Chats.
  • Tracking learning status:
  • Test construction and automated testing possibility
  • Management of personal tasks
  • Scores management
  • Tracking course payments

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