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node.js Web Development
Node.js is a fast, lightweight JavaScript server, based on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime engine, allowing developers to code using the same language (JavaScript) on both client-, as well as server side. Node.js is the fastest growing server side technology with massive community support, thousands of production-ready modules, and dozens of production-ready hosting options. Node.js is extendable, scalable and adaptable - making it the perfect choice for modern apps.
should I use Node.js?
Node.js is ideally suited for creating modern MVC style apps or RESTful APIs. Node.js has a number of well-maintained modules allowing for quick implementation of JSONP, adding different view engines such as Jade, Ejs, Swig and many more, serving static files or even managing authentication. Nodejs allows for creating super-fast server side applications due to non-blocking properties and event driven architecture. node.js should be used whenever you build web or mobile applications that communicate extensively with a server to retrieve up-to-date and personalized data.
should I choose Linnovate?
Linnovate has been engaged in developing node.js from its early versions and has seen the technology grow and mature. It is also the major component of our popular MEAN.IO framework, and was chosen for its endless features and extendibility options.

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