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React JS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, built by top engineers at Facebook. Facebook’s dev team built React to solve mainly one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time. React lets you express how your app should look at any given point, and can automatically manage all UI updates when your underlying data changes. 
React.js is declarative, which means that React conceptually hits the “refresh” button any time data changes, and knows to only update the changed parts. React was used in-house at Facebook before being released as an open-source project to the public, so you can assume it knows how to handle an astronomical amount of data.


should I use React JS?
We use React JS in many of our projects, mainly when it comes to single page applications (SPA), JavaScript widgets or HTML5-based mobile applications. Basically, since React JS is designed to work with data, it should be used whenever you want to implement web applications and present smart, rapid and personalized information.
should I choose Linnovate?
Linnovate has gained a vast experience working with React JS and has successfully delivered dozens of projects using React JS for web applications, mobile apps and widgets. Our leadership within the project resulted in thousands of developers using the Linnovate methodology of building web applications and adopting it as their own.

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