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The /drupalgive initiative is gaining momentum

Drupalgive is a new and effective way of showing your love and contributions to [Drupal](http://www.linnovate.net/services#service-417). It is an initiative by the one and only [Moshe Weitzman](http://drupal.org/user/23), which defines a special page on your website, where you can gather in one place all of your contributions to Drupal: modules, themes, events you've sponsored, presentations you've made... everything which is contributing to the development of the Drupal project, in it's whole.


Creating a Crazy Apache Solr Search in Drupal 6

A big project we’ve been working on lately is a new website for [John Bryce](http://johnbryce.co.il/), Israel’s biggest IT training organization in Israel. This project has several interesting aspects, as far as development goes. A partial list might include: A 3-level deep hierarchical courses catalog:

The Drupal theme that RTLs itself

Long story short, Sasson can RTL itself with a single line of code. Long time ago, when we wanted to add bi-directionality to our site for RTL (Right-To-Left) languages like Arabic or Hebrew we had to use tools like CSSJanus or RTLer to flip our CSS and then paste the result into style-rtl.css and fix whatever needed fixing. This workflow have several drawbacks:

Sasson - smart drupal theming

Sasson means "Joy". This drupal theme is all about bringing the joy back into drupal theming by making your work effective and smart, and your results professional and faster, faster for you to develop and faster for the end-user to browse. Clean and simple code, lightweight structure, latest technologies, 100% open-source and the best DX (developer experience) we could think of is what we hope you will find in this new drupal base theme. We'll quickly go over most of the main features of Sasson and see how to use them.



Invites is an invitation system, which lets you and your site members invite more people to the site or a service.

CSS Flipper

For the benefit of dozens of millions who read and write from right to left - turn every Drupal theme to be RTL in no time by simply FLIPPING it's CSS (this time in a...


Plato is a Drupal 7 sub-theme for Sasson. It was created as part of the OpenIdeal project but is released as a standalone theme as well.

Simple Views Field

Simple Views Field provides the ability to generate a views lists by choosing from a few simple choices. This views list is a field and can be attached to any entity (node...

The Druplicon

Tsachi has created the transparent druplicon that ships with Drupal 7, as part of Bartik.

Google Chart Tools

Display live data on your site using Google Chart Tools Google Chart Tools module provides a simple API to Build custom interactive SVG...


Gigya provides a single API that aggregates authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, and OpenID webmail providers including Google, Yahoo...


965 is an html5 base theme and the first incarnation of

App Store

This distribution will generate a "Drupal Commerce" store, an app store. The store allows browsing applications, purchasing them (or getting...

Custom Text

The Custom Text module provides developers with a back-end to give customers easy access to edit any text in the website.

Out Of Context

Out Of Context is built on top of Context module, in order to achieve an easy to use, in-line blocks editor.

Per Page Queue

Per Page Queue provides a nodequeue service that can display a different subqueue for each page, based on that page's path.


UC Tranzila gateway

Tranzila payment gateway for Ubercart

Features Tools

Ftools adds the missing elements to Features. It is a must for every Drupal developer out there, who wishes to stay sane.

More Boxes

More Boxes adds various types of boxes to use.

Social Buttons

The simplest and easiest way to add social buttons (Facebook Like, Google+, Twitter share ...) to your contents. Social Buttons is a field and uses the Field API, which...

Nodequeue Node

Just like Taxonomy Node to terms, Nodequeue Node allows one to add all the goodies of CCK to a ndoequeue.

Wysiwyg Setup

Shortens your way to a working WYSIWYG configuration, and by that - makes your life longer.


A module which helps managing source control (GIT) for a Drupal website. updates the site's code to a certain tag using GIT commands.

One Hour Translations

A plug-in for the translation manager suite, to connect to OHT translation services.


Kaltura is a great video platforms. This module adds Kaltura as a field so video can be added and presented on almost every corner of Drupal.

Zohar Stolar

Paragraph Auto Directionality

Pdir smartly determines the directionality of any paragraph in Drupal, to enable text in mixed languages in a single article.

Drupal Instant search

Adds autocomplete suggestions to search forms in Drupal, just like Google Suggest

Zohar Stolar

Random IDs

Randomize your NIDs in order to hide the real number (quantity) of nodes on your website.

Zohar Stolar


The best theme for RTL websites in Drupal 6, and a co-creation of the Israeli community, sponsored by Linnovate.

Full On

Full On is a full-width theme containing a fluid grid system, and a sub-theme for ...

Ideal Comments

Don't lose context again when commenting on content! Ideal comments sets a nicer and better node comments area, and makes commenting and...

Zohar Stolar

Top Searches

Lists the popular searches on a website, to help visitors to search, and to help editors to write missing content (great for SEO!)


Dartik is a dark version and a sub-theme of Bartik - Drupal 7 core's default theme.

Zohar Stolar

Dopl - Drupal.org project link filter

Drupal.org Project link filter (known as dopl) allows effortless linking to D.O. projects (sasson .theme, sasson .project, and even sasson ....

IdeaL - idea management

ideaL is an out of the box system for collecting ideas and collaborating over ideas in a community.


Sasson is a powerful base theme intended for advanced drupal theming, aiming at bringing the fun back to theming.

App Store Client

The app store client allows a website to connect to a remote Drupal app store, to retrieve and manage add-ons, widgets and apps on the local...

Impress 3D

This module is integrating impress.js to create 3D html5 presentations while...

Zohar Stolar

Drupal Give

Easily create a /drupalgive page on your website.

Translation 404 - Translation Page Not Found

Easily find and translate non-translated pages on your website, and avoid the shame, oh the shame(!) of having an ugly 404.

Editable Fields as Links

This module extends Editable Fields to replace the form button with an AJAX link. In heavy traffic websites, creating hundreds of forms on every page view can cause the...

Zohar Stolar


Mailhandler is a module that lets you manage content on your Drupal website via mail.