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Clicktale helps companies understand their web assets by mapping and analyzing users behaviour.

Clicktale's tool is integrated into the website and tracks users activity with the mouse, tracking clicks and scrolls. By doing that it can later generate precious insights on how the website's visitors understand it, and how they use it. It is quite often that site owners build their websites the way they would use it, but their visitors use it in a completely different way.

Clicktale's website introduces their products and services and serves as a lead generator with various interfaces to CRMs and other marketing performance measurement tools.

While the main site is built with Drupal, in order to allow Clicktale's marketing people to rapidly change and add content and layouts, their blog is built on top of Wordpress, the best blogging tool nowdays, that content editors love so much.

Clicktale enjoys our DevOps 24x7 professional support for their hosting infrastructures and data center.



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