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Cloud Hosting

Linnovate manages all of its servers in a private cloud, specially crafted and tuned for professional web hosting. 
While we have our standard system of high availability hosting, we will always inspect alternative ways if your needs require us to do so.
We have successfully set up numerous high traffic websites in various configurations, with DB and Web servers in clusters, with fail safe mechanisms, DR (Disaster Recovery) sites, Video streaming services and many more unique configurations.

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"Business 24/7" Service - Support and Monitoring

Your web-based business does not sleep. It operates around the clock and around the globe. Our clients need to be confident that their website is operating flawlessly, no matter what hour of the day, and want to know that whenever they need us - we’ll be there for them.

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Linnovate pays constant attention to maintaining the project’s good quality over time. We do this by enforcing standard procedures and best practices during the development process.
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