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Your web-based business does not sleep. It operates around the clock and around the globe. Our clients need to be confident that their website is operating flawlessly, no matter what hour of the day, and want to know that whenever they need us - we’ll be there for them.

Linnovate provides 24/7 support for those who need a quiet night, and an effective day. Our offerings go down to 30 minutes response time for critical issues, and we have several packages adapted to all kinds of needs and budgets. Support may be given via phone, mail or our ticketing system, and an exact report of the hours progress is available for clients, so it’s always easy to track the progress of a given task.


Our "Business 24/7" service includes:


  • Security
    • Security updates
    • Traffic monitoring 
    • DOS\DDOS, SQL injection, BOT monitoring
  • 24/7 Monitoring
    • monitor error and access logs for any alerts or issues
    • monitor disk storage and utilization on a daily basis
    • monitor Database utilization and performance on a daily basis
  • App Health
    • Apply necessary updates to server and server software.
    • Audit disk usage
    • System load
    • CPU Utilization
    • Memory usage.
  • And more...
    • Performance guarantee - rapid app load and measured on average at every hour using an external tool.
    • Offsite Data Backup 
    • Redundancy management

Contact our representatives to learn more about our 24/7 packages!

Prices in the pricing table are monthly fees unless stated otherwise:







24/7 System Monitoring

Web Application Firewall

System Maintenance

Time & Material based (3)

System security updates


Bug fixes Warranty


Edge Cache

Basic CDN (not included SSL)

Application security updates

By Working Hours

By Working Hours

DB Replication


MongoDB instance


Apache Solr instance


Site Performance SLA


Anti DDoS protection


½ Gb

1 Gb


Backup frequency

Once per day

Once per day

12 hours

6 hours

Support & Maintenance


5 h/month, including phone support

10 h/month


Urgent incident response time

Next working day (1), By Working Hours

12 hours, 24/7

4 hours, 24/7

0.5 hours, 24/7

High incident response time

3 business day  (1)

2 business day  (1)

8 hours, 24/6 (2)

2 hours, 24/7

Normal incident response time

10 business days (1)

5 business days  (1)

3 business days  (1)

1 business day  (1)

Basic monthly price (including 1st server and 1st application - Drupal/Wordpress/ MEAN etc.)




Talk to us

Each additional server





Each additional application/Site





(1) Business days are Sunday to Thursday 09:00-18:00, not including Jewish holidays and Israeli national days.

(2) Sunday to Friday

(3) The client authorizes Linnovate to operate in case of a monitoring incident (e.g., site is down). Any such operation will be billed by the hour at the rates of 75$/h

With Linnovate you get a full guarantee for your application’s security & performance


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