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Linnovate pays constant attention to maintaining the project’s good quality over time. We do this by enforcing standard procedures and best practices during the development process. All of our projects are managed in a collaborative project management system (Redmine) where everyone - developers, managers and customers – hold discussions and share ideas about the project, from its early days to its ongoing maintenance.
Our project management system is also connected to our code versioning system - Git. Git is the most popular and advanced version control system in the world, with unprecedented flexibility in determining work procedures. The system is decentralized so that each developer has a complete copy of the project, and is thereby given almost complete independence over the project’s development, while from time to time code merges are carried out between developers in the same project. This allows us to progress rapidly and scale to more developers when needed.
Our projects are tested in several environments and often have a Dev-Stage-Production trio of servers where new features are being tested before going live with production.



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