Theming blocks by type, not by region or by module name

Often we need to theme blocks by type (for example blue block, red block, green block), regardless of their position (e.g. their region) or the module supplying them (e.g. module & delta).
Phptemplate lets you theme a block using a template file (hereafter mentioned as simply "tpl"), following a defined naming convention. When theming a block, phptemplate will look for the right tpl in the theme directory. The possible names are nicely described in the handbook.

What's in a name (Drupal Trademark awareness)

Towards the last drupalcon we at linnovate decided to create a new brand for our international activity: drupal.fm.
We wanted something that would be catchy and when we suddenly discovered a domain that was free which had drupal in it and with a whole marketing theme built in...
"Welcome to drupal.fm - You station for drupal", "Tune In" etc..
I felt really lucky to have found such a great domain and printed new business cards with my green linnovate tree and "drupal blue" leafs...

Creating the Drupal work and business markets in a country

Two years ago, we founded Linnovate.net, the first Drupal shop is Israel (a small, unknown province of the Middle-East). Linnovate chose Drupal as it's almost unique tool of work, as we've recognized that a business can be built upon this wonderful CMS.
Being one the firsts to identify Drupal in Israel, and the first to actually use it as a strategy of a company, we've grown to be the biggest, and the most knowledgeable Drupal shop in Israel.

Ever heard: All I wanted was to update my modules - why did my site crash?!

One of our clients mailed me with an urgent problem: His site crashed! Quoting (bolded made by myself):
The amount of testing we need to do with each update makes it almost impossible to keep updating risk free. We would have to test for so long, that by the time we're done, the next module will be ready. It's just too complex a site with too many contrib modules. Maybe if we had a full time person just on that. Despite what the "community" says, my tendency is to only update security changes.

Is Registration pace to Szeged Drupalcon lower than before?


I had a weird feeling that the registration to Szeged Drupalcon is lower than before.
At the time of writing these lines, we're about 7 weeks away from the conference, and with high expectations, left by the successful Drupalcon in Boston (864 registered and paid attendees), the number of registered attendees to Szeged, is 352.

Free Beer! Get your Free Drupalager here!

I'm off to Szeged, carrying an unusual cargo: a dozen bottles of home brewed, 100% open source, Drupalager!

My hope is that the customs, both in Israel and Hungary, will let me pass with this precious lager, and that we can all benefit from it's wonderful taste in Szeged.

See some great photos from our Drupalager party, on the beach, last week.

Drupalager on the beach. By Boaz Rymland.