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Welcome to Linnovate’s Testing Lab At Linnovate we offer front-end QA testing services for desktop and mobile applications.

We create test plans, automatic processes and perform testing services focused on these following areas:

Functional Testing

We begin our functionality testing by creating custom test cases for the project. We go through a detailed checklist and include test scenarios to make sure all links are working properly and that the pages are loading properly across all browsers and platforms. We also go through all possible user workflows for the applications we test. Our goal is to provide comprehensive test reports to our clients to help them build and deliver high quality products to their customers.

Usability Testing

Every year our team gains experience testing new applications: web sites, mobile apps on iOS or Android mobile platforms, when we test an app our goal is to make sure that all functional requirements are implemented and work as expected, from responsiveness and caching behavior to configurability and localization issues. We also provide feedback and advice where the usability and functionality of an application can be improved.

Test Automation

Developing automated smoke tests and regression testing tools for web applications and enterprise applications. Our solutions are based on well-known open source and applied via various methods.


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