17 days to DrupalCamp Israel !


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17 days to DrupalCamp Israel !
submitted by: lior

As the temperatures here in Israel start changing to something sane and in the peak of the holiday season... I want to re invite whomever is the mideast (that's the world's middle east not Ohio :) ) to Drupalcamp Israel. Attendence is almost fully booked due to a high signup (around 170 people payed) and another big group of 60 Drupal newbies sponsered by the local internet association. We have awesome speakers like Minister Michael Eitan that has been championing Drupal in the Government, Amitai Burstein from Gizra (an ex linnovatee) and Tsachi, Zohar, Yuval, Yaniv and myself giving lectures. Jeffery (JAM) Macguire from Acquia will fill in the slot for that lecture you can actually understand if you don't speak hebrew, yet if you have spent some time in jewish school or just want to listen to a funky language with scattered "views", "commerce" , "context" and more you're more then invited :) ). Google, ISOC,Incapsula (real cool Israeli startup), Raid are sponsoring the event and by the level of the lectures and engagement of the local community - I think it'll be a blast. So... If you are in the neighberhood - be sure to drop by to http://2012.drupal.org.il/ (warning hebrew!) and join us for the fun!

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