Advanced wordpress with angular2, node.js and elasticsearch


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Advanced wordpress with angular2, node.js and elasticsearch
submitted by: lior

When ever I used to think about wordpress the immidiate image that I used to have was of simple, low-budget sites that are pretty in the outside and pretty awful in the inside.
Lets face it, php lacks the elegence of python or javascript (esperically with ES6) but systems like Drupal, which we used to default to,

compensated  because of their well thought out architecture and enterprise features.

The slippery slope presents itself when you try to implement applicative features using Drupal or Wordpress subsystems.

Both CMS's present a challange to scale and when you compare their performance to a node/express serving content from mongo you move from the 2-3 seconds to subsecond page loads and a great customer experience.


The main force that drove us to develop was our recurring "sin of the applicative CMS" trying to solve any technological challange with Drupals or Wordpress subsystems which are always inherently inferior to a custom node api + js framework client.

So now we have achieved peformant and awesome fullstack js solutions but we lack the richness of the Wordpress or Drupal ecosystems.


So we started thinking how can we combine the applicative advantages coming from technoologies like node, mongo and elastic and front ends powered by react or angular2 with the market and ecosystem of Wordpress.

This helped us refine the understanding that we should "Let the CMS be great again" by being a.... CMS.


Our current favorite setup is providing the marketing wrapper with Wordpress and creating custom plugins that... (drumroll)...
expose shortcodes .... that render an angular2 or react web component... which connects to graphql ..... which has  node.js (Express) based resolvers to populate the graph.

I know it might seem slightly complex but it's the perfect way of creating fast,scalable experiences within wordpress 


This is our take of the movement from a monolith to microservices and we feel it provides the best of both world - the marketer in the client side gets wordpress, and the developers and techniological leadership uses the latest and greatest technology which is a delight to develop and to consume as a client.


If you have a crazy challange or experience your trying to build in Wordpress.... maybe it should actually be built in a totaly different architetcture - one that will give it speed, scale and that extra customer experience that makes all of the difference.




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