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Building a Drupal app store - Prolog
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

After the great succes of Open ideaL, our Drupal based idea management platform, and as part of our global strategy, we are working on a Drupal app store that will serve Drupal apps to various platforms (including Open ideaL of course). The subject was partially covered in London.
Several platforms function today with app-like modules, and in order to increase interoperability between the platforms, a g.d.o. group was set up, where different providers try to reach an agreed format for apps.
Linnovate will use the standard in order to build a server-client model, where independent stores will be able to provide apps to Drupal websites and cloud based services. Having several Drupal app stores will create new business opportunities for independent developers and Drupal shops, and will ease the adoption of Drupal by those who are used to the apps model (notably in the mobile platforms). Installing a new functionality in Drupal should be as easy as installing an app on your mobile device.

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