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submitted by: Zohar Stolar
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Last week we launched the Israeli Cantina, which is the local homolog of the Parisian La Cantine, and wow.... we got amazing feedback from almost everybody we talk to, and we talk to many people, starting from the leading Israeli open source associations in the internet and technology fields, to entrepreneurs and big enterprises, to municipalities (mainly Tel-Aviv) and up to the government itself!

We see how Open Source and in particular, and Open Mindset in general, are becoming more and more acceptable by organizations who are usually considered conservative. Such is the use of Drupal in government web-sites in Israel, and the tendency of more and more companies to use open source tools in their projects.

The Cantina, Hebrew pronunciation of "canteen", is planned to be the major force behind many of the innovations we'll see here in the coming years. It will mainly (but not only) be the most important bridge between open source and businesses in Israel, by giving a home to the Israeli open source association, many open source communities, start-ups and innovators, and by creating links between people, and between people's aspirations.

Our local initiative is strongly supported and pushed forward by our lovely friends at Silicon Sentier, Stephane Distinguin, and Ori Pekelman, their associates, and at "Fondation France-Israel", who, during a visit in Israel last week, have opened many doors for us, and shared a lot of their experience with us.

We'll be communicating more and more about this project, as it comes along. Stay tuned, for what is about to be another example of change making!

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