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Ideal powers Direct Democracy
submitted by: lior

The past 3 weeks where insane.
Utterly insane.
If you haven't been following the news - one of Israel's biggest civil protests has been going on for more then a month.
I won't go in to the reasons and dramas behind the protest but like many protest in our region lately social-media, smartphone use and the internet are key enablers for the transparency and organization ability of the crowd.
This dynamic created one of the most interesting beta environments a product could launch with.
We donated an installation and modification of our Innovation management platform - IdeaL which let's the people voice their opinion and enables the protest leaders to understand the controversies and consensus of the crowd and focuses them while dealing with the govermental comitees.
Ideal was implemented initially in the - the official brainstorming and policy forging site.
The Israel government spotted the advances in the platform since it's first incarnation in and ordered another installment in
The irony is that hidavrut is the platform for the committee which is supposed to discuss with the protesters (which are powered by Ohel).
So... Ideal is experiencing one of the most intensive betas of direct democracy in the past two weeks and we're constantly challenged by what the different sides require.
While ideaL still gets some polishing, if you want to help out or give ideaL a spin you can clone it's implementation at

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