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Drupal and the Whitehouse
submitted by: elliot

Here at Linnovate we do Open Source and Drupal. We have built a name and a reputation as the leading Drupal shop in Israel and we believe deeply that Open Source and Drupal are the correct tools for almost all websites that need a robust content management system (CMS). But like everyone else, we love it when are views are upheld and supported by an external source. It just proves that we were right all along.

A few weeks ago the rumor started to go around that the Obama administration had decided to move the official Presidential website http://www.whitehouse.gov to an “Open Source Infrastructure”. As defined by the Presidential press office, this infrastructure includes the Linux Operating System, Apache web server, PHP programming language, MySql database, and our beloved Drupal CMS. Now it is no longer a rumor, but a fact. Not only did Linnovate choose Drupal, so did the Whitehouse!

We applaud the choice of an open source solution by the Whitehouse. In an administration that was elected on a platform of openness and transparency, it certainly seems the logical direction. Our hope is that the adoption of Open Source and Drupal by the Whitehouse will convince other companies and organizations that Open Source is the correct solution.

Let me conclude by quoting one of the many articles on the web about the Whitehouse decision:

“It's not without reason that open-source software is very popular to power Web properties, including plenty of high-powered ones such as Google and Facebook. The White House's move is an endorsement that could help others--notably the many customers in the federal government itself--feel more comfortable with open-source software.” (Stephan Shankland, CNET News)

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