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Drupalcoholics Unite!
submitted by: lior
Drupalcohol by Ben-Hana winery and Linnovate
4 bottles of drupalcoholic wine...
After Drupalager and Drupalager 2009 we decided to explore new directions for this meta category we've created - Drupalcohol. Shlomi Tsadok, one of our newest recruits, who is leading the team integrating Drupal in the Israeli government, is a big wine fan - so big that he quit the computing business to open his own winery in 2003. He exports 4000 liters of Wine a year (mainly reds) and is our latest "brewing partner" (after yhager and hinbit in the previous batches). We are proud to be part of this community and to try to find fun ways of promoting Drupal!


Interesting that you are working on Drupal for the government. If there is any information available, is it possible to include it in the overview of governmental sites at drupal.org?

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