The /drupalgive initiative is gaining momentum


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The /drupalgive initiative is gaining momentum
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

Drupalgive is a new and effective way of showing your love and contributions to [Drupal]( It is an initiative by the one and only [Moshe Weitzman](, which defines a special page on your website, where you can gather in one place all of your contributions to Drupal: modules, themes, events you've sponsored, presentations you've made... everything which is contributing to the development of the Drupal project, in it's whole. In the last days, towards Drupalcon Munich, we've seen a growing number of Drupal shops adding and [talking]( about their Drupalgive pages. To mention a few: [Phase2](, [Mediacurrent](, [DataFlow](, [Inclined]( and others, who join [Acquia](, [Chapter Three](, [Zivtech](, [Linnovate]( and many more. Drupalgive pages are eventually contributing to Drupal shops and freelancers, by showing to the world just how great of a community member you are. And as you know, in Open Source world code is gold, and gold sponsorships are not less important :) **So show your contributions, and see how your Karma grows a little!** Follow [@Drupalgive]( to learn about new contributions and read more about the [initiative]( on and on it's [Drupalgive Planet]( Feel free to leave your /drupalgive URL a comment. (BTW, I know the logo sucks, I made it myself :) If you feel like sending me an alternative, I'll be gracious!)

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