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First Drupal site in the Israeli goverment
submitted by: lior

We're very proud to see the first fruit of several months of work and several year of building the Drupal enterprise eco-system in Israel.
The first site shipped, is a site which exposes the latest rules and discussions from the government to the public.
That way legislators get a very short feedback loop on the current activity and the public gets to state it's opinion and vote up or down on the stream of new rules and political activity.
This "political digg" is the first time in Israel where official governmental activity is letting the public create content in the website and the first time Drupal and it's underlaying open stack is used in official governmental hosting.
The site is seeing great engagement (for instance a rule about monitoring the state of israeli education had 544 votes, divided almost equally and hundreds of comments.
Shlomi Tsadok, Our reprasentitve in the government has led this project and we are showing day after day the flexability, ROI, lower TCO and general awesomeness which is Drupal.
YADGSCTL - Yet Another Drupal Govermental Site Comes To Life (I'm not sure about the popularity of the acronym, but Drupal is gaining popularity in Enterprise Israel and that what counts :) ).
World Domination is now.


Are there plans for the site to support all of the official languages of the state of Israel?

bangpound, Hebrew is the only official language, although something like 80% of Israeli citizens speak at least some English and I think some 20-30% can speak Arabic.

(I don't speak Hebrew, but) It seems that you have created great site (haven't found English version of "digg" part).

Maybe you could write "case study" at the

@bangproud: I'm not sure what the plans are for this particular site, but I know that for other planned sites, which are undergoing work at the moment, support for Arabic and English (the two other official languages) will be supported in a deeper manner (and this support is one of the reasons Drupal was chosen!)

Any chance of a Russian version? My parent's have such a hard time over in the holy land.

@Nick the Greek: This is not up to us to decide it, but up to the government people. One of the reasons Drupal was chosen was it's ability to serve multilingual content in a smart way, so let's hope they'll use it.
As far as I know, English/Arabic versions of sites are necessity of the law (though not so well put into practice), and Russian is often added to address the large Russian population.

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