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Free Beer! Get your Free Drupalager here!
submitted by: Zohar Stolar
Drupalager on the beach. By Boaz Rymland.

I'm off to Szeged, carrying an unusual cargo: a dozen bottles of home brewed, 100% open source, Drupalager!

My hope is that the customs, both in Israel and Hungary, will let me pass with this precious lager, and that we can all benefit from it's wonderful taste in Szeged.

See some great photos from our Drupalager party, on the beach, last week.


Boys and girls beware!
Mass consumption of drupalager might make you as chubby as the guy with the orange bathing suit (/me).

The party was awesome, we drank lager (and darker malt) slept in tents on the beach and had a nice time meeting the extended families and children of linnovate and hinbit's workers.

Zohar, have a great time in Szeged, I didn't come because my eldest son (in the picture with the sandy drupalicon) is starting his first grade in elementary school and even I understand the right priorities :) .

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