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Get your Drupal Android app right here!
submitted by: Zohar Stolar
Drupal News Android Application QR code

About a week ago we launched the Drupal News application for Android. We only worked few days on it, and it's still not perfect, but it does give a wonderful service to Drupal users.

For the proof of concept, we used's feeds:

We also pool #drupal from twitter, and present it as an independent tab.

All this are now available inside an Android app, and can be carried along as you go :-)
While the app can still be improved, it is an immediate solution for every Drupal site out there, who wishes to publish it's news as a stand alone app on an Android device.
We still haven't published the code, but it will be published, and open sourced. Once you have it, you can customise the feeds and twitter feed to follow, so you can present your users your news and have an instant android app for your Drupal website!

How to get it?

Scan the QR code right above here, or search for drupalnews on the market - it's there!


Found your app right after it launched. Nice and lightweight. I think I was the first to review it in the Marketplace.


PS - when I clicked to go to this post, I got a popup ht password prompt. I just clicked on it and came here.

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