How to add a magnifying glass overlay to a lightbox icon


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How to add a magnifying glass overlay to a lightbox icon
submitted by: Tsachi Shlidor

Here is a small snippet I've used on to add a magnifying glass overlay when a user hover over a lightbox icon.
Simple CSS hover won't do the trick here because we can't give a (visible) background-image when hovering over an image, so we append a div using jQuery and position it with CSS.

The jQuery :

Drupal.behaviors.appendMagnifier = function (context) {

// Append magnify div on hover




The CSS :

a.imagefield-lightbox2 .magnify-overlay {
background: url("../images/magnify.png") no-repeat center center transparent;
position: absolute;
height: 66px;
width: 60px;
top: 50%;
right: 50%;
margin-top: -33px;
margin-right: -30px;
text-indent: -9999px;

You will also have to give position: relative to the wrapping li of the image so the magnifying glass will position properly.



How did you achieve the green caption at the top of each lightbox image. I am using D7 with colorbox, is this code usable in D7? Where do I add it?

Apologies for these newbee questions :)


Getting the bar on top is pretty easy :

Drupal.behaviors.move_lightbox2_data = function (context) {
$("#lightbox", context).prepend($("#imageDataContainer", context));

But this is for Lightbox (D6), I'm sure this is possible with Colorbox (D7) but I'm not sure if they work the same.

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