It takes three years for a tree to give fruits


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It takes three years for a tree to give fruits
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

Linnovate is not three years old YET. But even so, looking two and a half years back, at all we achieved, brings satisfaction and warms the heart.

We've worked quite hard these past years, and only (or should I say 'already') now, we see the signs of first sprouts, that will hopefully turn into healthy fruits.

In the last few months, the Drupal community in Israel has grown and we see more and more web-professionals, testing and choosing Drupal, as their framework. Many of them come to us for consulting, some choose some of the other Drupal service providers in Israel.

We were (still are) also busy with two big scale projects, which faced us with some hard nuts to crack (with which we dealt quite well). These projects will be released soon and will demonstrate the great powers of the Mighty Drupal, and particularly some wonderful creativity of Flash-Services-JQuery combinations.

As a tree who is not giving fruits in his first years, but still - you water it and take care of it, because you believe it will be fruitful one day (no one really KNOWS if it will ever happen...), so did we at Linnovate.
We always aspired to do a better work, and we enjoy learning, and we enjoy teaching.

Some of finest Drupal people in Israel work with us, and us with them, creating a flourishing Drupal community, very friendly, very supportive. We don't seek competitors, and we gain colleagues, and partners too.

We've succeeded to supply work for quite a few developers over the time, and we hope we can continue with that trend.
Drupal is being seriously recognized in Israel, as a good thing, so we expect this market to grow. Big organizations and enterprises use Drupal for their killer solution, whether it's for Intranet, web application, a "simple" website, and even just as a wonderful back-office system, that propagates content outside (think Flash, think ERP, think embedded!).

We don't have core developers YET, but with time, that will come too. For the moment, we try to send as many good patches as possible... The great team here is composed of fine people, ones with whom it's fun to learn. Linnovate is a good company to grow in, an to work with.

I hope to see Linnovate continuing to be a viable Drupal company, who contributes back to the community, and becoming an important actor in the global community. Our new approaches with Flash and Services will allow us to give our customers another added value, and will enrich our Drupal everyday work!

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