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Linnovate goes mobile!
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

As the web evolves, we evolve with it. The introduction smart-phones to the general public, in a mass, together with lower costs of cellular internet connectivity and availability of wireless networks, all lead to an increasing demand to supply mobile application, to go with a website or service. iPhone started the storm, and Android is catching up rapidly. Other mobile devices are not staying behind.

Few years back we were amazed by our possibility to be mobile, while staying accessible and reachable. Now, the net goes with us, anywhere we go, we are not only mobile, we are in constant connection to information, friends and services. All this information is usually saved on a server somewhere. On this server each one has an identity, assets that are associated with this identity, friends, pictures, preferences etc. Sounds familiar? Right - all of the above are native in Drupal.

Linnovate harnesses the powers of the all-mighty CMS Drupal, to create a rich and robust back-end for mobile applications. These applications are either yet another display of a website, or they ARE the source of information, and the back-end is just a storage and computing unit. In any case, the line between the two formats is not very clear. Users expect to be able to reach their info both online, as well as in-hand.

We're happy to announce our new service, that completes our expertise in Drupal - Mobile Applications Development! For further information - drop us a line, or look for us in San-Francisco (during DrupalCon).

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