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Linnovate Quick Project Calculator
submitted by: Zohar Stolar
[Not Done Yet. Content fixes, as well as Errors and styles fixing round should come soon] A few years ago, a great company - [Civic Actions]( - has published a wonderful tool, which gave a wider meaning to the term "Open Source", and added a lot to the special quality of the amazing [Drupal]( community. It's called [The CivicActions Estimating Worksheet]( This open source spreadsheet is a great tool for those who face clients and need to gather their requirements, and compile them into a quote, which hopefully doesn't leave you broke at the end of the day (or at the end of the project). At Linnovate, we are using CA's spreadsheet constantly to price our projects. Yet, from time to time, and more often, we have a need for a quicker manner, which does not go very deep in pricing a project on one hand, but does give a reliable breakdown of the project, so we can quickly calculate the costs without risking in under-pricing, and while taking into consideration all the relevant overheads of a project. In order to do so, we have created a light-weight project pricing calculator, to which we can feed a single value (usually the amount of net development hours) and get an immediate feedback about how much the project would cost to a client, and how it is broken down to several needed line-items. ###How does it work? Before we go any further, there's something you need to know - **The calculator is never wrong!** Seriously. Try it. Now that the important note is behind us, let's see how it works: The calculator has two main axis. The first one, and the one you should use most of the time, is the "Estimated work hours".

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