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Our new Drupal training programs
submitted by: shlomi

For a newbie, Drupal may seem as a big, robust system with a big learning curve.
I remember a few years ago, when I was programming mainly Joomla & plain PHP I have downloaded Drupal to "try it".
I was completely shocked as I couldn't guess, who is who, what is what & where is where.
Documentation (In Hebrew & English) read like Chinese (mandarin!).
I have ditched Drupal - it was too big & complicated for me.
Happily, I have returned to Drupal a few years later and never looked into another CMS since.
Drupal is the perfect platform for me.

A while ago, I have heard from @zstolar, that Acquia is launching training programs and it stroke me how important it is to have an organized and modular training program for people (like me a few years ago) who wish to get to know Drupal and / or wish to start programming in Drupal.

I am glad to announce that Acquia and Linnovate are going to offer from early 2011, Drupal training programs in Israel.
The training will be for both novice & professional programmers and also for content managers, people who wish to get introduced into Drupal and for small business owner who wish to build & maintain their own website.

The trainings we will offer include:

  • Drupal in a Day: a one day introduction course to Drupal
  • Drupal for site builders: a two days introduction to site-building in Drupal
  • Drupal Gardens: a one day course for those who with to master their Drupal Gardens website.
  • Theme Development: A course for those who with to theme everything on their Drupal website.
  • Module development: A professional module development course for developers.

The first course we are offering is "Drupal in a day" which will take place on February 2nd.
(more info here ).
In the next few weeks we will publish dates and registration information for other courses.

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