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The public committee against torture in Israel
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

A while ago we were asked to re-build the website of the public committee against torture in Israel. With very limited funds, the committee needed a modern site, to help them gather materials, for the benefit of researchers and journalists, as well as to document its activity.

After a short process of specifying the needs, we built a work plan that would give the them the most adequate set of features, without breaking their budget. This is indeed a tough task. People, mostly when they are clients, the less money they have, the more they want to get out of it :-)
When dealing with NGO's, that almost always have less funds than what they really need, that is very much true. These organizations need a good website, because it becomes a first class tool – both for effective, low-cost publicity, and for funds raising – so their demands are high...

The site is bilingual, and is built to support more languages In the future, thanks to the excellent i18n module.


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