Recent case studies in Linnovate's mobile projects.


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Recent case studies in Linnovate's mobile projects.
submitted by: royi

Since last year Linnovate's mobile team took part in some very complexed projects that utilizes the newest and most innovative technologies and i think it is about time that i'll blog on some of them:

Airport shuttle -
Featured use of HTML5 based web-sockets (push-technologies) via the "" API in order to create an LBS application that pin-points the location of an Iphone device and "places" it on a google map in realtime, one other great feature enabled was the ability to send instant messages to the devices.

ResumeBear -
This Iphone and Android twin applications used HTTP REST services in order to create a complimentary experience to the Drupal based website.

Drippler -
This android application is the client of an elaborate server engine which aggregates RSS that suits the user's interests when it comes to gadgets and technology.

Shituf -
This android application was created "pro bono" in order to compliment the newly created Israeli government "link to the voter" website.
The app uses the site's own RSS feeds in order to keep the citizens which own android devices, up to date with there government.

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