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Recent contibutions by Linnovate
submitted by: Zohar Stolar
Our new logo :)

Linnovate is a long time known member of the global Drupal community. As such, we always preach for positive activity in the community, participation in discussions and in improving the experience of Drupal users and developers all over.
While our members are not always present in the global forums (we're more active in our localized channels in Israel/Hebrew), we do try to give back by releasing our work as open source code.
More than in previous times, we have managed recently to release more modules, which were developed as part of our projects. This is, of course, aside to many improvements and fixes to existing projects.

Here are some of the modules we released lately, try them out!

Features Tools

Without any doubt, the Features module is one of the greatest contributions to Drupal since Views. It has changed the way we develop for Drupal drastically, and not only it has improved the deployment path, it is also the basis of apps in Drupal. YET, while it has many benefits, the Features module is also the source of many headaches when it comes to overrides and modifications by clients.
Features Tools contains two helper modules for developers:

  • Unlink Features: Upload the feature to a production server and detach some components from it, so the client can change it, without creating overrides and conflicts. This module allows you to safely maintain features on production servers.
  • Features direct save: This module adds a shortcut button for Recreate-Download-Untar-Reinstall a feature. Saves you a few precious minutes each day while developing with Features.


965 is the best of all worlds - Responsive layout, fixed and fluid grids (from 960gs & omega), HTML 5 templates (from Boron), CSS resets, media-queries and many more goodies thanks to html5boilerplate and modernizr. You'll love it!

Per Page Queue

Create Semi-automatique related content lists with this extension to the nodequeue module. Create nodequeus with path context and more. This is our third or fourth extension to nodequeue over the last two years.

Git tag

A life-saving tool which allows a developer to pull the latest changes to production or dev environment, without direct (ssh) access to the server itself. No more free and uncontrolled access to the server. A life saver I'm telling you! :)

Random IDs

If you just launched a website and you want people to think it's been up for years, or just hide the fact that you only have few dozens of nodes, and not dozens of thousands, this module obscures the real number of nodes in a website by randomizing their NIDs. User IDs randomizing to come. Contact me is you want to co-maintain this module.


Dartik is the dark side of Bartik

We hope to come back soon with more contribs from Linnovate. Meanwhile, we continue with activities in other areas such as:

  • Druapl Training
  • Drupal advocacy in the public sector
  • Developing products over Drupal
  • #drupal and #druapl-*

See you around!


I want to use the 965 theme, but why is it on Github and not

Oooh, nice job on Dartik!


For random nids you copied someone else's sandbox and posted it?

Does the original author work for Linnovate?

Random IDs original author is Royi Ben Yosef, as mentioned in the project page. He is a brilliant mobile developer, who doesn't work for Linnovate anymore, so I had to take on the work on the module and publish it.

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