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From organization, workflow management, and collaboration, to application orchestration and workplace surveillance analysis, our solutions are designed to free organizations from the chokehold of proprietary software, while adding significant value to an organization as a whole.

Since its establishment, Linnovate has been deeply involved with the global open source community. We are proud of our achievements and contributions to open source in pursuit of our goal of bringing attention to the benefits of open source,

Linnovate has proudly developed MEAN an html5 - open-web project which simplifies the development process of complex web applications with MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js.
Linnovate has deployed dozens of successful digital transformation and web solutions to tier-one enterprise.
Public services
Publishing industry
Internal portals
Academy and Education
And many more...
System and Information Architecture
    • On-prem, enterprise-grade, open source solutions
    • High-performing software-as-a-service solutions
    • 24x7 support
    • On-going maintenance
    • UI/UX design and customization
    • Performance audits and performance tuning

We strive to provide our enterprise clients with the right open source software for a successful digital transformation experience.



means choosing

reliability, security, and efficiency!

is choosing reliability, security, and efficiency!

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