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Drupal Web Development for Enterprise
Drupal is a powerful web development framework and the leading open source CMS in the world, and is maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers. It streamlines development, enables rapid prototyping and powers complex business flows.
Drupal comes with modules written by the community and tested by rigorous standards for coding, testing, performance, and information security. A dedicated team is responsible for taking care of the security, maintenance and improvement of the existing modules. The modular characteristics of Drupal allow the development of new modules based on existing ones, thus reducing time-to-market of new features and enhancements.
The CMS comes with built-in options like (a partial list, the complet one would simply not fit on the page...):
Managing users and user permissions.
Extremely flexible design.
System that enables the implementation of the wildest designs on HTML5, CSS3 and other modern web design conventions.
Hundreds of thousands of free modules and designs.
Existing integration with common frameworks such as jQuery and SASS.
Extensive documentation allowing for rapid development.

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