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Hidabroot ('Dialogue' in Hebrew) is a big TV channel in Israel, dedicated to the Jewish world. It is also known as the world largest Judaism website.


Hidabroot turned to Linnovate in order to take them from a stagnant static website to a modern, vibrant, feature-rich website, with many possible directions to evolve and grow.

The website contais hundreds of online video shows, lessons and entertainement shows, and endless ressources, articles, data and applications, related to the Jewish world in all of it's aspects: Religion, Culture, Tradition and also Actuality. 

Hidabroot also uses Linnovate's Video Hosting and Broadcasting services to allow their on-line audience to always be connected and up to date with theor latest shows. All programs are also available as direct downloads both as MP4 as well as MP3 (audio only).

Linnovate offers high quality video broadcasting services combined with highly customisable websites - Contact us today to learn more on our Video offerings.


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