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Mean stack development
One of the leading, fastest growing web development frameworks, powered by MEAN Stack: Mongodb, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js. The framework allows for rapid set up and deployment of web apps, websites, web services and APIs. Within minutes it sets up developers with a set of popular tools, which were hand-picked and carefully combined, so all they need to do is concentrate on the development rather than on the tedious work of system administration, package management, libraries tidy-up and of course delicate deployment (where everything traditionally breaks and white hairs start to grow).
An average modern web app is composed of dozens of different libraries, which are usually maintained on Github or other public repositories. Each library has its own pace of development and bugs, thus needs special care from developers. Dealing with compatibility is a Sisyphean, time-consuming task, hindering developers in their area of specialty. The stack is constantly maintained in order to make sure that all different components work well together, that no dependencies are left unanswered, and that all the tidying-up work is kept for someone else (the team).


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