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Openideal is a platform designed for managing ideas based on the wisdom of crowds. It is used mainly for managing public share process, either internal or external.

Helpful information for decision-makers

Openideal is a decision management system designed for organizations with intentions to

share their clients with organizational strategic decisions.

The focus of discussion is a clients’ idea, which is to be implemented by the organization. Such an idea can be, for instance, defining strategic goals, developing a new product, making decisions on policy, etc. The platform consists of tools allowing system managers for identifying

potentially good ideas

and delivering them for professional treatment.

The participants can rate existing ideas while winning points of activity in the website.

The system includes, in addition, advanced options, such as –

consolidating similar

ideas and focusing the discussion.


Idea Management
Identifying good ideas
Reducing ideas to a number of operational ideas
Filtering background noise
Rewarding active participants
Acting in full transparency during the process

Each development process is bound to bringing and examining ideas, consolidating and conserving similar ideas, while doing so with tens, hundreds and even thousands of participants. The platform allows for noise filtering, while identifying the main point, in order to reach a reduced number of options – to be dealt with and applied.

Public Share
Identifying trends quickly and effectively
Increasing odds of success and assimilation
Strengthening public-organization connection
True and direct understanding of the environment

Public share is the process where decision makers are helped by the audience affected by the decisions, in order to

increase the odds of success and implementation.

The participants can feel more connected to the organization, as well as be identified with the results, while the decision makers can enjoy from a better connection with and understanding of the public.

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