Drupal Video Platform Showdown - Kaltura, cdn2 or homegrown


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Drupal Video Platform Showdown - Kaltura, cdn2 or homegrown
submitted by: lior

I just saw this Kaltura Christmas special in TechCrunch and it finally spurred me to write a bit about an interesting battleground that is forming between video platform solutions which are releasing access to their platform through drupal modules.

The first time we entered this world was when we where working on leadel we missed Kaltura which is a fellow Israeli startup, in a few days.

We already signed contracts to custom develop the flash player and another one using limelight as a CDN when we understood that we could have used Kaltura for these issues.

We ended up building our own solution which needs to address issues like transcoding, integrating drupal and the flash using the services module, cdn integration and more.
It was very interesting but not all implementers have the time to research and understand what it means to build a enterprise level video platform.

As Kaltura realized the potential of Drupal they contacted us and we helped brainstorm with them about different design decisions and the "drupal way (tm)" of thinking and approaching stuff.
So Kaltura has one offering which is interesting but there are additional players in this field.

The main competitor in this field seems to be workhabit's CDN2 which have a lot of drupal history and seems to be a solution crafted soley for drupal.

Beyond this matchup you could probably "build you own" with a combination of mediamover, cdn and others but what I like about the more commercial solutions is the slickness of their players.

Currently the main difference between the two solutions is that the Kaltura module is for drupal 6/acquia and promise a drupal5 solution real soon, and that workhabit's CD2 is supported for drupal 5 and promise a drupal 6 version real soon.

Anyway I wish I had the time to make a serious competitive analysis between these solutions - any takers?


The Drupal 6 Module from WorkHabit is out.

You can download it here:

The main differences between the platforms is that when we set out to build CDN2, we wanted to build something that could handle the wide variety of use cases required for Drupal, but be able to support different CDN networks (automatically linked in) to save costs or drive performance. Instead of a "video platform," we wanted to build a "big utility tool platform." Kaltura is a well financed startup with no particular Drupal history. We're a bootstrapped company that has been in Drupal for three years. So we're going to be building different things.

Also, while it's built for Drupal, the whole system is just a big SOAP web service, so you can use it for anything. The whole client-component thing is really nice, and it lowers the cost of implementing the video stuff, but it's not really tied together.

I'm always looking for feedback.

Hi Mark,
I've worked with Kaltura before and they actually a very positive bunch that seem to understand open-source and have probably payed too much attention to one really lousy SEO tip.
Linking with invisible links is actually not effective or even can hurt the site linking and the target site as well - see http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=66353

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