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Drupalager - Open Source beer.
submitted by: lior
Drupalager - Lite
YASS - Yet Another Sexy Sticker
Shirt and Beer
Eitan and Lior
Microsoft rep with shirt and beer

In our effort to grow drupal in the local foss and commercial scene, we decided to spice up one of the bigger opensource conferences in israel - August Penguin.

One of our developers makes a really cool homemade beer and we decided that we should take these two passions (alcohol + drupal) and brew them into one...
So we present you with DRUPALAGER!

Drupalager comes in two flavors - drupalager lite - based on wheat with coriander and orange peels and our darker (which I prefer) one made from barley with burnt caramel in it.

We were the buzz of the crowd bringing several beer bottles and passing them through the crowd at the breaks. Microsoft actually showcased in the event presenting their take regarding open source and we gave their representative a shirt and a beer (that will quiet them up! :) ).

I gave a theming lecture addressing the misunderstanding that drupal looks like garland - it was named "Breaking the three column jail" and although it was a bit too short it was fun and effective.

We truely love drupal and we truely love beer and we hope customs won't give us a hard time passing them in so hopefully Zohar will be able to bring some bottles to Szeged.

We hope to track down all of our heros (dries, earl, eaton etc..) and give em a beer, We also want the drupamao guys to taste the real thing!


That's GREAT guys, I love it. Can't wait to try it at Szeged.

PS: You're using my module!!! Go Imagefield_gallery yay!

Yo! We'd love to taste some. We've not had time to do the show lately, please accept our apologies, but if you can get us some within the next week it'll be on the next show!

Please email me and I'll provide you with an address.

Great idea!!

Are you guys coming to Szeged?
the problem with the beer is that it does not have any preservatives in it - it will probably go off if we send it by mail (unless it's a priority UPS or something).
Zohar, my partner, will try to bring some over to Szeged so that will be a good chance to try.
If your not going give me a postal address and we'll ship some over and see what happens :)

We won't be making it to Szeged unfortunately. I've emailed contact[-at-]linnovate[-dot-]net with an address if you care to send.

If you want taste testers, myself and MortenDK will surely oblige. We've tasted lots of beers, and will happily taste lots more. Hell, I've drunk stuff that doesn't even qualify as a "drink".

Very nice!
I myself like darker beers also, and that caramel addition sounds nice....
Also, the 'free as in beer' is a good fun, who takes credit for it?

The free as in beer can probably be traced back to Richard Stallman's eternal dicussion (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gratis_versus_Libre)
Zohar simply made the connection and used that quote.

Heheh , nice , I bet a lot of Drupal users will be very curious and interested about this beverage. If only this will be available to us here where I live^^

Drupalager is my favorite brand indeed. I personally recommend Drupalager lite as a starter. I'm sure you guys wont regret if you try it once. I'm not trying to advertise here but i think its really good

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