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Drupalager 2009 - The New Collection
submitted by: gavri
Drupalager - originial
Drupalager - Red
Drupalager - White
From the land of Milk, Honey, Beer and Drupal fanatics: We are glad to inform you of our new collection, of home brewed [Drupalager](/drupalager) Beer. After the great success of last year's beer promotion, we decided to manufacture two more flavors, in honor of DrupalCon Paris 2009. Each flavor now has its own special label. In a more philosophical perspective, Drupalager flavors are like Taxonomy free tagging - they come from the same vocabulary, but each one has its own unique characteristics. Stay tuned for our special D7 Drinkability testing (#D7DL)...


You say this is open source beer, but where is the source code (recipe)? I'm a home-brewer and I'm interested in making a batch!

GPL beer recipes

We are bringing two kinds to the Drupalcon.

Red Ale

  • 3 kg malt syrup
  • seeds mix: vienna 300 gr, cara amber 200 gr, 50 gr cara fa
  • 15g willamette hop for an hour, 15g for 10 minutes
  • spices for 5 mins: 5gr cardamom , 5gr star anise, 10gr cinnamon
  • yeast: s04

5.2% Alcohol by volume.
bottled on July 21st, 2009.

Wheat Beer

  • 3 wheat syrup (weirmann)
  • seeds: 200gr munich (wheat)
  • 30g willamette hop
  • 400gr of unprocessed honey for 10 minutes
  • 45gr ginger, 4 spoons of sweet lemon zest for 10 minutes
  • yeast: s33

5.2% Alcohol by volume.
bottled at July 30th, 2009.

The recipes are for 18 litre.

Both fermented for 1 week at about 26 celsius (we can't get any lower here this time of year), then bottled. Added white table sugar (yes, I know...) before bottling.

Thanks Yuval!

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