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Hebrew | עברית ideaL is an idea management system (IDMS), adapted for organizations which are interested in sharing their customers in strategic decisions of the organization and in planning of future products and services.
The system offers the clients community a tool for expressing their views on various issues and for running conversations around these issues. The tool also allows social change organizations to collect ideas from a large public, and develop a vivid and engaged conversation. The heart of the conversation is usually an idea which the clients wish to see fulfilled by the organization. These ideas may be, for example, the development of a new product, enhancements of existing products, changing size or shape of packages, handling of customers with special needs... just about anything on which a client may say: “I wish they had done that”. ideaL includes tools for community managers which allow them to identify successful ideas (those with high chance of becoming a popular product), and to transmit them to professional treatment within the organization. Community members gain points for activity on the website, and their overall score grows particularly if their ideas become popular, or if the discussions in which they participate are “hot”. This allows to reward good community members, and to use them to lead more discussions. The system also contains smart options for bundling similar ideas, or for focusing the conversation on a subject which specifically interests the organization. ideaL is a Drupal based product and therefor it is modular, and allows growing and adaptation to fit the organization's specific needs. These adaptation may include a unique design, various plug-ins (e.g. polls), interfacing with external systems such as Facebook, or with internal systems in the organization (e.g. ERP, LDAP), and adapting the interface to various devices: smartphones, iPad & other tablets, kiosks and more... ##IdeaL - What's in the box? ###Basic components - Idea creation - includes title, description and tagging - Idea presentation - Presenting an idea - Idea editing - Comments presentation - Idea tagging - Projects - In-Process projects - Trends and popularity identification (with a configurable algorithm) - Mail notifications - Voting (+/-) - Friends scores - Abuse flag (for ideas, comments, users) - Bookmarks - Social networks sharing - RSS - Q&A - Blog - Anti-Spam protection (using Mollom) - Heartbeat for members activity ###Pages - Home page - Registration - Log in - Idea creation - Idea presentation + comments - Category / Tag page - Popular ideas - Recent ideas - In-Process ideas -Launched ideas - Profile page (My page + someone else's page) - Search for ideas - Search for members - Project page - Q&A ###Available Addons - Unique design - Facebook application - Smartphone application - Interfacing with internal system in the organization - Adding video based ideas (in development) - Newsletter ###Optional Components - Selected ideas - Manual selection by the site admin, presented in the homepage - Community leaders - presents members with the highest score, presented in the homepage - “1 on 1” - Allows choosing two competing ideas and letting members vote for them, in a dedicated block in the homepage - "Challenge” - Allows the creation of a special page, for a certain category/tag. Members are called to propose ideas for that specific category. This allows focusing the discussion on a subject of high interest for the organization. This component includes a fast-idea-creation form.

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