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Open Source coworking space emerging
submitted by: lior
One of the coolest events we participated in ( coolest's definition is the best ratio between price/quality of the wine) DrupalCon Paris was an after-party in ["LaCantine"]( a collaborative workspace in paris. [AF83]( one of our partners and Ori Pekelman their CTO where instrumental in building the place and it serves several startups that deal with Open source and lets them share resources and sublet a space for a reasonable (and subsidized) fee. I stumbled upon a space for rent which immediately reminded me of LaCantine and would be a great place to work together in Tel Aviv. It's in an amazing location 2 minutes from the Train station in Azrieli (see map) and it consists of 7 rooms and an open space for another 7-8 people to work in. We are looking for open-source freelancers, companies, designers, flash artists etc... to join us. We don't have the financials settled yet but I think it will cost between 700 to 2000 nis for a workspace. (opensource - closed room). I'm looking for sponsers that have opensource on their agenda to subsidize the costs and we will try to work with some initial european leads and maybe the Municipality of Tel Aviv to drive down the (high) municipal tax (arnona) cost. So feel free to spread the world (twitter, facebook etc..) so we can make this dream a reality You can check out the enclosed picture and map to get a better understanding of the space. If your interested don't hesitate to [contact]( us or to call me at 0524-305252 See the map (the canitinne is in Shefa Tal 6 - call me to come and visit)


On the subject of the difference between the initiative and "GarageGeeks"....
The main difference between Garagegeeks and the upcoming initiative is that Gargegeeks projects are very technical and hardware oriented.
It's more like a meeting and hangout place and I'm not sure that people work there daily.
The Garagegeeks activities are intended for Geeks and very technical people (I really enjoy going there sometimes) but the activities I went to started at 20:30-21:00 and featured interesting speakers from Israel and the world.

Our initiative is about day to day work in an environment that welcomes open-source freelancers,companies and communities.
Currently there is no physical "home" for open-source activist to meet and to work with other community members- in israel.
I want to create a space that will serve open source companies and freelancer (such as ourselves btw) and will be the natural choice for community meetups or for a startup which uses oss technology to utilize.
We will share a meeting room, bathroom and kitchen and create a very practical and Open-source friendly work atmosphere.

The center has two main themes - a co-working space and a community center (like a "matnas" in israel - Ori please translate :) )
The coworking subject is pretty clear but the difference in the community center (when compared to GarageGeeks) is the target audience.

The community center will host both the "geeks" that belong to the different communities will come for their opens source community meetup (Django, python, Drupal, ruby meetups for instance) but we want to subsidize the price of the rent so we can create a culture where the subletters of the place will have to "give back" to get the subsidized rate.
The members will courses in technology to different audiences
This means connecting to the "open source for good causes" vibe - Here we hope to connect with the Tel Aviv municipality or other organizations that will bring technology challenged people to pass courses in the center.
For instance,
Mati Yaffo (Matti is a center that educates for entrepreneurship and YAffo consist of a mix of Arabs and Jews) can send some of the people that learn how to build bussiness and they can come and have wordpress lessons for free - empowering to create and manage their own internet presence.
There is a project called Zionot 2000 that did a similar thing - take kids which have a strong affiliation to crime and give them leadership possabilities in running their own business.

I'm sure I can find 10 ngo's that will want to use technological training as a methodlogy to empower their target audience - we could be a center that grants this NGO with this specific service.
The beauty here is that we will be teaching these children, enterpranuers, future leaders how easy and affordable technology can be done when it's open - The is a strong and effective lesson that we can communicate.

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