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This project was about creating a "taxi fleet manager" application with 2 main features:
1. An LBS (a location based service) feature that will let us know what the location of each vehicle in the fleet is with pin-point accuracy.
2. An Instant messaging feature so that you could assign fares to the taxis either by way of an auction ("who wants a fare in..") or by assigning a fare to a specific driver (for an example - if he is by far, the closest).

The project was implemented on iOS since each driver in the fleet owns an Iphone (we don't really know why and we didn't ask :).

To accomplish both of these goals with as little battery and connectivity overhead for the clients and in order to eliminate the use of a heavy server we chose to implement this project with a form of "push technology" which uses the HTML5 WebSocket protocol via an open source API that we discovered which is called "Pusherapp" (
We chose this API because it had an Iphone library that was developed by "Lukeredparh" ("") which meant that some of the job was already done for us for free (yeah!), but, we found out that it didn't support 3G (which is kind of important for an Iphone implementation) so we modified the library to include wss support (secured web socket) which was the way to enable 3G, our update has been committed to "Pusherapp" and "Lukeredpath" for observation and it should be added to the library soon.

As for the manager dashboard, we chose to render the location on a google map and use node.js and javascript for the "server" (not really a server) to make the UI as graphical and intuitive as possible.