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Drippler -
This project was about creating an android application which will include the following features:
1.The application should act as the client of an elaborate server engine which aggregates RSS.
2. The application should include "social components" to interact with Facebook and twitter.
3. The application should use the google analytics API for mobile.
4. The application should display banners, either via the "Admob" API or from the "Drippler" site.

We used the standard HTTP REST protocol for the bulk of the implementation but we came across a real "challenge" in the data processing part of the code, and this is thanks to a few issues:

  1. since the content is aggregated from a lot of sites it is inconsistent so we had to build a custom way to parse and process it in order to display it in the right way every time and with as little time overhead as possible and since almost each "item" had a thumbnail which could have been in several formats and sizes, we had to build a generic image manipulation engine to unify all the possible formats.

  2. A mobile application needs to initialize as quickly as possible so we took the multi-threading approach so that the images are downloaded and manipulated in the background and are rendered to the UI (user interface) in batches.