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Jake Miller, Marketing Manager

I enjoyed working with the Linnovate team on the “Build Your Tuttnauer Autoclave” online tool. As this was the first application of its kind in our industry, I needed a group of professionals who could effectively turn this one time “dream” into a reality.

Linnovate certainly did, creating a user-friendly design, which met my expectations! They also provided timely responses to all of my questions and concerns, offering valuable insight and knowledge throughout the process.

Drupalager 2009 - The New Collection

Drupalager 2009 - The New Collection
submitted by: gavri
From the land of Milk, Honey, Beer and Drupal fanatics: We are glad to inform you of our new collection, of home brewed [Drupalager](/drupalager) Beer. After the great success of last year's beer promotion, we decided to manufacture two more flavors, in honor of DrupalCon Paris 2009. Each flavor now has its own special label. In a more philosophical perspective, Drupalager flavors are like Taxonomy free tagging - they come from the same vocabulary, but each one has its own unique characteristics. Stay tuned for our special D7 Drinkability testing (#D7DL)...
Drupalager - originial
Drupalager - Red
Drupalager - White

Drupalager, Drupalshops and Drupal Sessions @ Paris

Drupalager, Drupalshops and Drupal Sessions @ Paris
submitted by: lior
37 days to go and as we lift our heads from the crunch of delivering projects, working with clients, and raising families we finally have some time to outreach about what you can expect from Linnovate at DrupalCon paris... ##Drupalager take 2## **The beer is fermenting as we speak**, this timed brewed by "DrupalHager" - [yhager]( - the guy from [imagefield crop]( fame, and one of the most talented Drupal developers we know.
מילות מפתח: 

7 באוגוסט, 08:30 - אוגוסט פינגווין - "מקוד פתוח לצ'ק בטוח"

27 ביולי, 19:00 - מפגש קהילת דרופל ישראל ב"האב" בתל אביב!

23 ביולי, 22:00 - אקוויה מארחת את לינווייט להרצאה על שילוב של דרופל ופלאש!

Open Atrium - פתרון כולל לניהול רשת פנים ארגונית - מבוסס דרופל

לינווייט מעשירה את המודול Nodequeue בשלל הרחבות