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submitted by: Zohar Stolar
While we don't regularly work a lot of customers in the gaming industry, the next site has been an exception. First the specs specifically required Drupal and there where many challenges and issues involved. Secondly we were very eager to give feedapi a solid workout... ##Overview## - screenshot - High-end CCk theming - Nodequeue controls the position of each article and link

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Using FeedAPI's API

Using FeedAPI's API
submitted by: oren

FeedAPI is a great module, and easy to use if you want it to parse your RSS/RDF/ATOM feeds into nodes or lightweight items. There are quite a few posts that review that, but developer documentation for using FeedAPI's hook's can still be better. This post will be a walk-through of the code.

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Free Beer! Get your Free Drupalager here!

Free Beer! Get your Free Drupalager here!
submitted by: Zohar Stolar

I'm off to Szeged, carrying an unusual cargo: a dozen bottles of home brewed, 100% open source, Drupalager!

My hope is that the customs, both in Israel and Hungary, will let me pass with this precious lager, and that we can all benefit from it's wonderful taste in Szeged.

See some great photos from our Drupalager party, on the beach, last week.

Drupalager on the beach. By Boaz Rymland.
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Drupalager - Open Source beer.

Drupalager - Open Source beer.
submitted by: lior

In our effort to grow drupal in the local foss and commercial scene, we decided to spice up one of the bigger opensource conferences in israel - August Penguin.

One of our developers makes a really cool homemade beer and we decided that we should take these two passions (alcohol + drupal) and brew them into one...
So we present you with DRUPALAGER!

Drupalager - Lite
YASS - Yet Another Sexy Sticker
Shirt and Beer
Eitan and Lior
Microsoft rep with shirt and beer

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