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Linnovate has extensive experience working with R&D departments. Usually R&D departments turn to us when they are looking for a specific expertise we have or when they need an immediate extension of their development resources. 
Benefits of using our expert developers:
  1. Over the years our employees work on different and advanced projects gaining experience in the latest technologies.
  2. Flexibility in the composition of the team overtime - same burn rate but different specialties in each step.
  3. Our programmers are constantly receiving professional training and have unlimited access to knowledge bases in Linnovate and beyond it.
  4. Our development teams enjoy a rich and versatile working environment where brainstorming is welcome and problems are solved creatively in no time.
  5. Unlike a single developer in a company who needs to take care of everything, our developers have the possibility to be profound and thorough in order to bring a higher quality solution to the client.
What is the added value in choosing Linnovate?
  1. We do things the right way: Linnovate dictates healthy development procedures in its projects, and places them at the client’s service: code management, security, documentation 
  2. We communicate: Transparency throughout the process via a collaborative task management system (Redmine)
  3. Everything is under control: Continuous integration and deployment using dedicated tools for monitoring and control (Jenkins)
  4. We have accumulated knowledge from hundreds of projects and decades of development
  5. We take a holistic development approach which considers not only the application itself, but also the use of server resources, bandwidth and memory usage.
What solutions do we provide?
  1. Daily/hourly packages for punctual tasks
  2. Full-time placement of a programmer (in-house or remote)
  3. Subscription to 24x7 monitoring and technical support
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