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Start-ups Special Care

Many Start-ups need quick solutions which combine advanced and new technologies and choose Linnovate as their development partner. We live in, and are connected to, many open source communities, and have access to the technical knowledge of a vast community of developers. In many cases, by using these connections, we have helped start-ups spread their technologies in the developer’s community (e.g., Kaltura, Gigya, and many more).

Most of the time start-ups start with an idea and a limited budget, and require fast and professional development process, reducing the time wasted on recruitment and training. Linnovate provides a solution for this need by offering trained workforce, familiar with the latest technologies and experienced in rapidly implementing prototypes (a.k.a. POC).

Linnovate emphasizes the aspects of performance, security and scalability in the development process, which, in turn, leads to fast and scalable applications combining tools of various kinds.



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