Using Mongo DB in Web Development


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Using Mongo DB in Web Development

Mongodb is a scalable document-based database allowing for fast, flexible development of web and mobile apps. The database comes with a large variety of built-in features such as auto sharding, map reduce functionality, intuitive command line interface, support of JSON format and full text search.

In addition Mongodb has a number of performance monitoring services including MMS (MongoDB Management Service) giving real-time performance analysis allowing developers and database managers to improve performance and ensure optimal usage of resources.

When should I use MongoDB?

Mongodb is the perfect database for creating modern MVC style apps or RESTful APIs. As data is stored in document form it allows developers the ability to retrieve full responses and pipe them out as JSON without requiring additional queries, joins or data manipulation. The ability to store data in a schemaless structure ensures developers greater flexibility in how the data is managed.

You should use Mongodb whenever you need fast and flexible data storage for web or mobile applications that communicate extensively with your data backend.

Why should I choose Linnovate?

Linnovate is highly experienced in building a wide range of applications and APIs using Mongodb as data backend.

Mongodb is a major part of MEAN.IO, a framework by Linnovate, which is one of the fastest growing development frameworks for JavaScript-based applications. We chose to include Mongodb for all the benefits mentioned above, to which we add our own expertise in hosting mongodb, optimizing it, and scaling it.

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