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Moodle is a learning management system giving us the possibility to create an Internet school (with Web-based courses), universities and colleges worldwide, using Moodle to train students; therefore, companies around the world use this system to train employees in a variety of areas.

In itself, the system has many built-in options, such as:

Building and transfer of material:

         1.  Building of a course – storing all course materials inside the system

         (videos, articles, links to learning sources, pictures).

2. Online tutoring - Webinar – Broadcasting live online lessons with

possibility to respond and ask questions.

3. Access to materials in any place and at any time (only for course


   4. Permanent contact between students and course director through the


   5. Activities conditioning according to student's performance, so that each student can progress at his own pace and according to its level.

Student exercises:

  1. Building exercises according to existing modules adjusted to individual

and group learning.

  1. Options of joint exercise in groups.

  2. Communication with a group of students together and separately, as part of Forums & Chats.

Tracking learning status:

  1. Test construction and automated testing possibility

  2. Management of personal tasks

  3. Scores management

  4. Tracking course payments

When to use Moodle

Moodle is the most comprehensive system for managing existing online learning. It is suitable for all educational centers interested in integrating online learning with Internet online systems for companies wishing to train their employees with the help of online systems.

You should use Moodle when interested in:

  • Online employee training

  • Remote content learning

  • Online testing and examination of learners’ capabilities

  • Possibility of remote lesson transmissionsMoodle can be used in two ways:

  1. Full online course, with the entire course delivered online, including

online lessons, videos, tutorials, grades, etc.

  1. Integrated course of frontal lessons and completion / enrichment / additions / tests / questionnaires / Moodle tasks.

Why choose Linnovate

Linnovate has 8 years’ experience in the construction and implementation of Moodle systems in companies and learning centers. Linnovate Moodle experts are former educators that have deep knowledge and understanding of pedagogical needs and learning processes and adjust Moodle to the needs of students at learning centers or in the company. We accompany and build an optimal course structure together with the customer to lead students or employees to full training. In addition, Linnovate takes care of full training, both linked and adapted to system operation for lecturers or employees responsible for its operation. (Even for people who do not understand technology).



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